Posted by: stuffkenyanshate | April 7, 2010

About this blog

I did not write this blog to appease anyone, for people who know me; it is certainly clear that I do not tip toe around issues regarding race, class, nationality, and religion. If you are here to perpetuate your racist ideologies or reaffirm your ethnic sentiments about the Kenyan people then you will be painfully disappointed.

This blog serves as an outlet to conceptualize the rapid westernization and inevitable globalization of the republic of Kenya. I use sarcasm, straight forwardness, and cold humor to make sense of the accelerated cultural shift of Kenya’s national identity.

Anti Censorship:  For anyone who has an issue with me using “cuss” words. Fuck off! And just for the hell of it: BLODDY MOTHERUFUCKING BITCH CUNT WHORE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH MWAHAHAHAH


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